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10 Questions

Viking Challenge Questions – November

1. What is the black stuff found on Dyrhoaey beach?

 2. What is the folklore name of the towering rock formations found along the shoreline of Iceland?

3. What were the Icelanders using to make sweaters out of at the sweater factory?

4. What is lichen and what does it look like?

5. Basalt is an ingeous rock formed by cooling lava. Name one of the four ways listed on the blog that lava cools and what does it look like.

6. What does FOSS mean in Icelandic?

7. Jose the Bear shared several books on Trolls with Mrs. St. Cyr in the media center. Name one book you looked at and enjoyed.

8. What is a turf house?

9. What is a Baenahus?

10. What does Godan Dag mean?



Viking Challenge Questions – October

1. What is the capital of Iceland?

2. What is the name of the volcano pictured on the Iceland blog that can be seen from Faxafloi Bay on a clear day?

3. Jacksonville, Florida is 4 time zones behind Iceland. If Jose left Boston, Massachusetts at 9:30 pm and the flight was 5 hours long, what time did he arrive in Iceland?

4. If traveling to Iceland would you ever need a swimming suit? If so why?

5. How many kinds of whales can be found in Faxafloi Bay?

6. What is the name of the volcano that erupted on May 21, 2010?

7. How do you say thank you in Icelandic?

8. How big do Icelandic puffins grow?

9. In which ocean is Iceland located?

10. How do you say goodbye in Icelandic?

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