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After visiting all the waterfalls John took us to visit the amazing Geysir geyser. Did you know that our word for geysers comes from the Icelandic name for the very famous Geysir?!

The Great Geysir actully doesn’t erupt as often anymore. In the 1950’s tourists decided to throw large stones into the geyser to see if they could get it to erupt. The blockage stopped it from erupting as much as it used. If you are lucky, you may get to see it. However, it’s not the same height as it used to be.

The most reliable geyser, Strokkur, is right next door! Strokkur erupts approximately every six minutes. The water at the surface is cooler than the water below the ground. Eventually, the water underground becomes so superheated that it turns into steam and blasts out the cooler water above it.

Here is a clip of some pictures and video footage of Strokkur:

Geysir Eruption Video Clip



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