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I woke up very excited to start my search for the hidden people of Iceland. I rushed Mrs. Cassette, Mrs. Freyer, and all our bags down to our tour bus. I grabbed the first seat I found then realized that I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so off the bus we went. After a yummy breakfast of toast, eggs, and cheese we were finally ready to board the bus. John, our tour guide, asked us to introduce ourselves while we drove to our first destination.
It was interesting to find out where everyone on our bus was from. Some came from the US just like me, others came from Canada and even from as far as away as Australia and New Zealand. I met a very nice girl named Vivian from Canada. She helped me search for the hidden people at each stop.

My friend Vivian

We traveled to a town named Hveragerdi where we were welcomed by some very interesting creatures. We stopped in a gift shop calledEdenand visited with some strange looking characters. I wondered if they were what the hidden people looked like. I had to have a picture with them just in case.

The welcome committee for Hveragerdi

Next we visited a very special church called Skaholtskirkja. This church wasIceland’s first bishopric from 1056 -1801. I had to ask Mrs. Freyer what a bishopric was. She told me that a bishopric was a place where a Bishop worked.  The town ofSkalholtwas very important because it had the first school inIceland to train priests. It became one of the largest settlements inIceland.

I was very amazed at the beautiful stained glass windows inside the church. I found out that a woman named Gerdour Helgadottir was a famous Icelandic artist who lived from 1928-1975. She studied art in Reykjavik and Paris where she had her own workshop.  Gerdour carefully designed and created each of the 25 stained glass windows in memory of all the Bishops who worked in Skalholt over its 800 year history.

When I walked around to the side of the house I noticed some men working on what looked like a house but they were using sod instead of wood for the walls. I didn’t want to bother them while they were working so hard. Do you know why they were using sod instead of wood? Here is a picture of the men working on the house.
I found a great website where you can learn more about the town of Skalholt. Click on the link to visit http://www.skalholt.is/en/

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