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After visiting Geysir and the surrounding bubbling pits we traveled along Route 1 to Dyrholaey.  Along the road we saw Icelandic horses, grazing sheep, and beautiful scenery. Volcanic eruptions effect every part of life in southern Iceland. The last eruption showered many feet of ash onto the surrounding countryside.

In the 1970’s a giganitic eruption caused flooding of farms and roads all along the south and even washed out a bridge that had just been completed. In the picture below you can see how a farmer has built his barn right into the cliffs in an attempt to protect it from future lava flows. The sod house in front of the barn is an example of how Icelanders lived for 100’s of years.



Our hotel was on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and had views of the beautiful black beach. When we got to our room we realized that our view was of cows rather than the beautiful shoreline. Mrs. Cassette and Mrs. Freyer decided to take a walk after dinner to see the countryside so I tagged along. I realized that I would not find any “hidden people” today. I will have to really use my patience because I think this is going to be more difficult than I imagined.





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