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Today was an amazing day! Mrs. Cassette, Mrs. Freyer, and I drove through the sand desert of Mödrudal to see where American astronauts practiced identifying rocks before traveling to the moon. We stopped at Möðrudalur for a morning snack and then traveled on to see the most powerful waterfall in Europe called Dettifoss. Next, we visited bubbling sulfer mud pits at Námafjall. Then we continued on to eat lunch near the beautiful Lake Mývatn where we saw hundreds of exotic birds. After lunch, we took a walk through Dimmuborgir, also known as Dark Castles, and pseudo craters. Then we drove to see the amazing Godafoss waterfall. We ended the day with an evening of shopping in the ski resort town called Akureyri. Here is a link to a map of Northern Iceland. Map of NorthIceland Can you find the red road labeled with a 1? That is the road we took from Egilsstaðir to Akureyri. It was a two lane road with many twists and turns.

We left Egilsstadir  right after breakfast. It was a sunny and beautiful day! When we boarded the bus, we found out that our first stop would be at a waterfall, but this time we would have to climb to see the view. It was a little bit steep, but it was worth the hike.  This is the view from the waterfall. What do you think?

Here are pictures of us climbing up then back down the hillside.

Here are pictures of John, Mrs. Cassette, Jose, and Diana at the top of the climb. The view was breathtaking!


Next, John told us that we were going to a special place called Dark Castles where I might actually be able to find the hidden people. But to get there, we had to travel through the Mödrudal desert.  The Mödrudal is a volcanic desert about 150 miles long and sits between Egilsstaðir and Lake Mývatn.

Did you know that in July of 1967 Neil Armstrong and a group of American astronauts visited the volcanic desert of Mödrudal? They practiced identifying certain kinds of rocks. They weren’t sure what kind of rocks they would find on the moon, so they had to learn to identify all kinds of rocks. I decided to take a closer look at the rocks. What types of rocks do you think these are?

Next we stopped at a small village called Möðrudalur. Here we had hot chocolate and Icelandic donuts called Kleinur. This popular dessert are made of fried dough and they taste best right after they are cooked. We also got to see how a sod house was built and see the inside of a traditional Icelandic church.



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