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Our night in Akureyri

Our resting place for the night was the town of Akureyri. I found out from John that Akureyri has the worlds most northern 18-hole golf course. I bet Father Britt would love to play golf there! Akyreyi is Iceland’s second largest city with 17,000 inhabitants. It sits on a large harbor with the occasional whale and dolphin visit. We saw a school of dolphins as we drove past the harbor. Do you know which sea flows into Akureyris’ harbor?

We were happy to see that our hotel had a wonderful view of the town shops and the amazing Akureyrarkirkja (Akureyri church).

After dinner Mrs. Cassette, Mrs. Freyer and I went shopping! The shops stayed open until 10:00 at night so we had a lot of time to search for the perfect souvenirs. I even found some friends along the way.

Can you believe how light it still is outside? Even though the sun was still out, we headed off to bed. Goda Nott (Good Night)!

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