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Today we got to see a lot of interesting sites. The first was a place called Deildartunguhver Thermal Springs. The name means Gusher Hot-water.  We got to actually touch water that had been heated by underground volcanoes. We stood in the steam and basked in the warmth. The water was extremely hot but beautiful to watch as it gushed into the air.

Thermal Spring Video

Next we stopped at a whaling center and looked over the whale bay fjord (Hvalfjodur). We didn’t see any whales but view was incredible.

Our next stop was along the whale fjord at a very special spot called Hernandarumsvif. This part of the fjord played a major role in World War II. The United States had a submarine refueling station here, and the British had a camp and refueling dock for their warships. The best part of this stop was taking a group picture. In the picture you can see all the nice people who were on the tour with us.

Next we stopped at Þingvellir National Park (pronounced Thingvellir). This incredible place is where the American Tectonic plate meets the Eurasia Tectonic Plate. We actually stepped off the American continent to the European continent. Go here to learn more about the continental drift has caused fissures to form across Iceland.

Here is where the oldest parlimentary government in the world met for 500 years. Representatives from all over Iceland would travel for weeks to reach this place and then spend a month meeting with other representatives and finally making and changing laws.  Just think of traveling by horse from Jacksonville to Washington DC once per year to run the government. At Þingvellir, Alþing a general assembly was established around 930 and continued to meet there until 1798. All major events in the history of Iceland have taken place at Þingvellir.

Here is a link to website with lots of pictures and information about Þingvellir

After exploring this amazing park we had our last meal as a group then we headed to our hotel in Reykyavik.

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