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For our final day in Reykjavik, Mrs. Freyer and I went our separate ways. Since Mrs. Freyer loves history she decided to visit as many museums listed on her “Top 10 Museums in Reykjavik” list as she possibly could. I, on the other hand, was looking for a little more adventure. I decided to join our tour guide, John, for lava caving.

Although I was seeking adventure, I became a little nervous when the tour arrived at the lava field. After suiting up in our gear , we headed out into the field and walked for several minutes. Out of nowhere appeared a hole in the grounded. John gave us instructions on where to enter and exit and what to expect while inside. He also told us we would have to crawl on our bellies to get out of the cave. I wasn’t to sure about this, but I knew I couldn’t chicken out.

Named Leidarendi, the cave is about 900 meters long. The entrance is a small pit that leads down into the cave. The cave runs in both directions and connects in two parts so it runs in a circle. The flow lines of the lava can be seen in many places inside the cave and lava formations such as stalagmites can also be seen around. A skeleton of an Icelandic sheep has been discovered deep inside the northernmost part of the lava tube. The most eerie time came when John had us all shut off ur head lamps to experience “total darkness”. You could not see a thing!

Watch my video to see what lava caving is like. Would you want to do it?

Lava Caving Video Clip

Once back in Reykjavik I had a few hours before I had to meet Mrs. Freyer back at the hotel for dinner. I decided to make my way up to Hallgrimskirkja, which is the most prominent building of the Reykjavik skyline. This large concrete church caused a lot of controversy in Reykjavik because it took over 34 years to complete. It took so long that the architect didn’t live long enough to see the final product. There are several reasons why people come to see the church. One is the large, cascading columns representing the volcanic basalt columns commonly seen in Iceland. Another is the 5275-pipe organ housed inside the church. The highlight of the church is the elevator ride up the 75m-tall tower where you can see the most breathtaking view of Reykjavik. Outside the church is a statue of a famous Icelander. Can you figure out who?

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