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As we finish reliving our amazing trip to Iceland, we hope you have learned a lot about Iceland and enjoyed it has much as we did! We feel very blessed to have been selected to experience the Natural Wonders of Iceland.

We would like to dedicate this blog to our amazing travelmates. Each one shined with the Fruit of the Spirits, especially patience since they had to put with us with taking non-stop photos of Jose! Not only did we get to learn about Iceland, we learned from them about different parts of the US, Canada, and Australia.

We are especially grateful to John, our incredible tour guide. No matter how many times we asked, “Can you spell that?”, “Can you pronounce that again?” and “Can we have a receipt for that?”, he never got tired of us. Magnus was the best driver in Iceland! We believe he really did understand everything we said even though he claimed not to speak English.

We wish all of you the best on future travels & hope our paths cross again someday. Perhaps a Western Fjords tour?!

Mrs. Cassette, Mrs. Freyer and Jose

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